HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna has constructed an Education Centre at Allaipitty.  This centre was ceremonially opened by Revd. Fr. S. Eugene Francis, Director HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna on the 2nd of October 2018 at 5.00 p.m.  Revd. Fr. M. David, Parish Priest St.Peter’s Church, Mandaitivu & Dean of Island Deanery presided over in this event.  The guests were welcomed by the band music of St. Philpneri preschool students and a Holy Mass offered.  Address by Rev. Fr. M.David, Mr. Sevaines, Vice Principal Parasakthi Vidyalayam, Allaipiddy, Rev. Sr. Mary, Salvatorians and Rev. Fr. S. Eugene Francis in this ceremony. Rev. Messiah and Johnson, Monfort brothers of St. Gabriel from Chennai, India, Revd. Fr. Loshington OMI, Parish Priest Our Lady of Voyage Chatty, Catechist, Children, parents and people of Allaipitty also participated in the programme. The evening classes will be conducted by Sisters of Salvatorians.