Ms. Madhushika and Mr. Prahashan, from the Swiss agency of Development and Cooperation (SDC),  and Mr. Sagayarajah and Ms. Luxsha, from the National Centre SEDEC – Caritas Sri Lanka, paid a visit to HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna on the 11th & 12th of September 2018.  The aim of their visit was to collaborate with HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna to work for the Migrant Workers in the District of Jaffna.  Ms. Madhushika and Mr. Prahashan explained about SDC’s work inside the country and also about the migrant workers from Sri Lanka.  SDC is part of the Swiss Government and its humanitarian organization.    They implemented housing projects in the District of Jaffna from 2010 to 2016.  Revd. Fr. S. Eugene Francis, Director of HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna explained about the humanitarian and development activities which have been carried out from the past until the present, especially during the war and Tsunami times.  They also had discussion with the Development Officers from Velanai, Nallur and Chavakadchchri Divisional Secretariat (DS) office about the migrant workers from Sri Lanka. Ms. Lalitha Victor, coordinator of the Migrant Workers Programme and the other staff from HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna also participated in the meeting.