HUDEC Caritas Jaffna Past Endeavors

Since 1990 concentrated on organizing vulnerable people as a group and empower them with help of the gospel values.

From 1992 to 2004 providing micro finance assistance for the groups, women empowerment programme and psychosocial programme and empower the preschool education.

2005 to 2010 in view of rehabilitate the Tsunami victim and other natural hazard victims. Through this programme provided more than 950 permanent houses and provide more than 10,000 livelihood assistance and constructed more than 40 preschools and continues education assistance for more than 1000 children who are in the children home.


2009 after the war there were 11,840 IDPs were kept in five camps. We provided supplementary such as vegetables, coconuts, fish, eggs, onion and other essential cooking items for daily more than nine moths till 2010 January. Still it was remember by all the refugees and the Government officials.


After 2010 the major programme concentrated Integral Human Development Community Empowerment. Under this programme identified 21 vulnerable village people were empowered and formed as a group and capacitate them to proceed towards integral human development. Under this programme the following four components were priorities and continued for three years.

  • Community Mobilization Empowerment
  • Social Justice and Sustainable Peace
  • Psychosocial Care
  • Community Based Disaster Preparedness

Since after the war till 2014 our activities were restricted by PTF procedure but with our good rapport we able to construct 156 semi-permanent shelters and 110 core houses with LVH assistance.

2015 after the new presidency with his good governance approach our objectives were shifted from relief to development.

  Programmes  implemented in Jaffna Diocese in the Year 2016

Educational Support for most vulnerable and poor children of  Jaffna Division 

Funded by Caritas Korea

The programme commenced in May 2014 for one year and continued to 2015 and 2016 scheduled for completion in Dec 2016.

Focused group is year 5 scholarship students

Initially considered 158 children in 6 vulnerable schools.

Then in 2016 extended to 175 students and included some students from other three schools.

Major contribution is supporting

  • –Educational materials and tuition support

  • –Provide nutrition packages

  • –Extra learning classes and support with model exam papers

Improve the Learning Capacity of the Children through Joyful Learning

Duration 1st of March 2016 to 31st of December 2016

Location Education Zone Chankanai Vaddukoddai

Targeted schools

  1. J/ Vaddu West American Mission Tamil Mixed School,
  2. J/ Arali North AMTMS,
  3. J/Thunaivi North A.M.T.M School

Major objective is to provide assistance to the students, teachers, schools and the parents to upgrade the children education through joyful learning process.

Promoting Healing and Reconciliation for Sustainable Peace in Sri Lanka

   Funded by Caritas Sri Lanka SEDEC

  • The programme commenced in June 2012 for one year and continued up to 2016 for the different focus groups and it will be continued for next year also.

  • Four villages were considered at target areas

  • The main focus group is war affected victims such as widows, CBOs, youth and school students.

  • The major activities concentrated on reconciliation and followed the LLRC recommendation.

  • Teaching other language and inter village exposure visits created avenues towards reconciliation for the participants.

Empowering Human person for Zero Poverty

Funded by Caritas Sri Lanka

The programme duration is July 2014 to June 2016.

Major concern is to motivate organic farming and create awareness against use of chemicals.

Two villages were considered as pilot plots for organic farming. Composed bin Gliricidia plantation, organic way of insect prevention were highlighted.

due to the challenges through the marketing of the organic product the programme activities was freeze for couple of months.

proposal in hand to utilize the balance fund in a way to organize an organic farm under the direct control by the support of the relevant community.

Housing and Livelihood Support for War Affected families in Jaffna District 

Funded by Caritas Australia

Duration June 2016 to December 2016 (anticipate extension up to March 2017)

Target area Mirusuvil J/336

Under the housing programme construction of core house at the rate of Rs.580,000.00 were given due to the Government housing policy correspondence are in place to revise the housing grant to satisfy the Government policy.

Under this housing programme 15 house repairing assistance were given and beneficiaries were selected and repair works in progress.

Under the livelihood support 115 LVH grant the at rate of Rs.40,000 each given the 1st batch of beneficiaries consist of 31 families were selected. The other beneficiaries selection in progress.

Construction of Preschool

Funded by Sunbeam Foundation (Mr. A. J. John pillai)

Programme duration July 2016 to December 2016

Location St. Xavier Church premises, Pungudutivu J/031

Target Beneficiaries – 35 Preschool children and parents

The preschool will be furnished modern washroom facilities with furniture and children’s play materials.

Renovation of Community Hall

Funded by: ACNS Projecthulp Gerard Bernerdsen

Location St. Mary’s Church premise Kaddaikadu, Maruthankerny J/433

Duration May 2016 to January 2017

Scholarship Programme

Funded by Caritas Poland

Vulnerable high school and university student were given monthly scholarship grant between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 for the period.

Target beneficiaries are A/L students 13, University student 5, Diploma students 5.

Most of the beneficiaries lost either father or mother.

The monthly grant consist a saving of Rs.500.00

May 2015 to September 2016.

Creating a conducive environment for religious amity

Funded by Caritas Norway

The programme commenced in June 2015 for one year and continued up to 2016 and extended up to 2017.

Six villages were considered in two DS divisions.

The main focusing on inter religious leaders and community members.

The major activities concentrated on creating meeting dialogs among inter religious groups and working for religious amity.

Further celebrating religious festival by other religious people created opportunities for religious amity in the community.

Family Livelihood support through Micro Finance scheme Project

Funded by Caritas Poland

Commence from May 2015 and continued to 2016.

The main objective is to organize community level self help groups of minimum of 10 members empower them towards self employment and provide the grant to the SHG group committee to manipulate the micro finance assistance among their members with the supervision of the WRDS.

Altogether 10 SHG groups with 150 members organized and micro financing system successfully implemented.