Mr. Frank Elvey, Head of the Asia Department, Caritas Australia, Mr. Michael Peyra, Desk Officer, South Asia, Caritas Australia, Mr. K. Theivendirarajah, Programme Manager DRM and

Mr. K. Vareeswaran, Programme Consultation SEDEC- Caritas Sri Lanka paid a visit to HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna on 18th to 20th of January 2017 and discussed about the projects implemented by Caritas Australia with the Director Rev. Fr. S. Eugene Francis and the staff.  They helped us to build 14 core houses each Rs. 580,000 at Vasanthapuram, Colombuthurai and at Mirusuvil 8 new houses each Rs.800,000/- , 15 house repairs each Rs.200,000/-  and 115 Livelihood for women headed families each Rs. 40,000/- and Peace and Reconciliation Programme.  They were so happy and satisfied with our work and congratulated us.

They Also visit the resettled people in Nallinakapuram, Tellipalai.  They met the Bishop of Jaffna Rt Revd. Dr. Justin B. Gnanapragasm and discussed about the present situation in Jaffna.