Emotional literacy helps people, especially youth and students to manage their own emotions effectively, appropriately and productively. It develops positive social interactions with other people in the society. The objectives of this programme are to increase the emotional literacy, well-being and resilience among the school students in order to prevent self-harm and suicidal behaviour. Through this programme, school teachers will also be capacitated to understand their role and to identify the signs of distress in children.

As part of the programme implementation, we have already completed the training of counsellors in Sinhala medium and the training of counsellors in Tamil medium is being held in HUDEC Jaffna Centre during this month. There are 6 counsellors from Jaffna, Mannar and Trincomalee being trained with the support of prominent Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Sivathas Sivasubramanium who is the resource person.   Counsellors will begin their activities at 12 schools in 6 dioceses once the training is concluded.