Emotional literacy helps people especially youth/students to manage their own emotions effectively, appropriately and productively, while also developing positive social interactions with other people in the society.

Therefore, this programme is being implemented to increase the emotional literacy, well-being and resilience among the school students in order to prevent self-harm and suicidal behaviors. Through this programme school teachers will also be capacitated to understand their role and to identify the signs of the distress in children.

As part of the programme implementation, we have had series of interviews for the selection of the counselors and subsequently identified suitable counselors by Dr. Venura Palihawadana, Consultant Psychiatric for project implementing dioceses. Presently, we have conducted an orientation/training session on 8th of October 2019 for the counselors to increase awareness on the project, its implementation strategy and specifically the role of the counsellor in this project. The orientation session was conducted by Mr. Beppe Pedron, Country Representative of Caritas Italiana and Dr. Venura Palihawadana.