HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna has organised a meeting with the Community Leaders in Delft on the 22nd of February 2019 at the Divisional Secretariat, Delft. Officers from Delft Divisional Secretariat, Police Officers, Pastor, Church of South India, Parish Priest, Delft and the Community Leaders participated in the meeting.

Revd. Fr. S. Eugene Francis, Director HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna stated that “the challenges faced by the people in the implementation of Peace and Reconciliation in the society, could be solved by having dialogue with other people.  Reconciliation can be achieved only through the relationship with the people belonged to different ethnicity and religions”. Group discussion was held regarding the future activities among communities.

Forty community leaders participated in the meeting.  This programme was conducted under the Healing and Reconciliation programme funded by MISEREOR & Caritas Australia through the National Centre, SEDEC-Caritas Sri Lanka.