An exposure tour for Elders from Jaffna to Mullaitivu was organized and undertaken by Hudec Caritas Jaffna on Saturday, the 7th October 2017, starting at 7.a.m. and ending at 8.00 p.m. The programme included visits to religious places, discussions, field level training, cultural events etc. etc.

90 Elders from Chavalkaddu, GS Divisions of J/84, J/85 and J/86 of Navanthurai and Muslim Village, St.Roches Kurunagar and Cathedral jointly visited places like Poonagary R.C.Church, Udayarkaddu St.Judes Church, Puthukudiyiruppu Holy Family Convent, Vattapalai  Amman Temple, and Mullaitivu Tsunami Memorial House.  During their visits.  the elders actively participated in discussions,  and cultural events and spent the day joyfully.