HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna has organised one day Seminar for the children and their parents/guardian on the 21st of September 2019 at HUDEC-Caritas Hall under the project ‘Educational Support for War Affected Children. HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna has selected 59 war affected children from the District of Jaffna with the support of the Parish […]

Educational Support for War Affected Children

HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna implemented an Importance of Peace and Reconciliation programme under the project ‘Mobilize the youth and strengthen them to promote social cohesion and reconciliation’ funded by AGEH Germany on 26th of August 2019.   The programme was conducted at St. Antony’s Church, Nainathivu. It is an Island situated 35 km […]

Peace and Reconciliation Programme for Youth

HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna implemented an Environmental cleanup programme under the caption of “Protection of the Environment” under the project ‘Mobilize the youth and strengthen them to promote social cohesion and reconciliation’ funded by AGEH Germany on 30th of July 2019. Hundred and twenty (120) Students from J/Vaitheeswara College joined hands to […]

Protection of the Environment

The above project was in a selected a resettlement area a Varuthalivilan J/241 GS division in Tellipalai DS division. Forty seven beneficiaries were selected for livelihood assistance under poverty level people. They were provided six months skill training in livelihood assistance by the relevant resource person. A Livelihood support programme […]

Sustainable Livelihood Development Project implemented by Caritas HUDEC Jaffna

HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna, under the guidance of Revd. Fr. S. Eugene Francis, Director; has selected seven schools in Tellipalai DS Division for the Food Security project.  The selected schools are: Kulamankal RC Vidyalayam Mallagam Maha Vidyalayam Veemankamam Maha Vidyalayam Arunothaya College Vasavilan Central College Arunachchalam Vidyalayam Tellipalai Saivapragasam Vidyalayam The selected […]

“Addressing Causes for Poverty and Ensuring Food Security for Farming ...

HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna has organised a meeting with the Community Leaders in Delft on the 22nd of February 2019 at the Divisional Secretariat, Delft. Officers from Delft Divisional Secretariat, Police Officers, Pastor, Church of South India, Parish Priest, Delft and the Community Leaders participated in the meeting. Revd. Fr. S. Eugene […]

Meeting with the Community Leaders in Delft

HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna has conducted an empowerment seminar “Preschool teachers are the changing forces” for the preschool teachers and primary teachers at Delft on 22nd of February 2019, Friday at 4.00 p.m.  Mr. S.G.Baskaran, Coordinator of Peace & Reconciliation programme presided over the seminar.  Revd. Fr. S. Eugene Francis, Director, HUDEC-Caritas […]

Preschool teachers are the changing forces