We celebrate Women’s Day to promote equality in the rights of men and women, and to celebrate the great things women are capable of doing.

It is surprising that we still have to fight for equal rights in the year of 2017, when we have come such a long way in other fields, such as technology, science and knowledge.We need the 8th of March because still, in 2017, many people think women are weaker, less capable and less worthy than men.If we want equal rights, men and women need to start working together. How can we change something if only half of the population is fighting for change? When will men start fighting for women’s rights?

Humans should respect and love each other. Human rights are not only men’s rights. They are women’s rights too.Don’t let people stop you from achieving your ambitions because you are a girl.Life is too short to watch teledramas and be on facebook all the time.Life is about using your talents to do something good.Believe in yourself, because if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will.Be proud to be a woman.